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I love uploading porn of my ex gf's fursona everywhere. Knowing thousands of furs are beating off to that cheating bitch sucking off my wolf cock makes me smile.

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always :)))))

Creepy creepers…..

When I first joined Furaffinity back in the day, a new ‘Friends” of mine wanted me to call him, he was around my age so I thought it all nice and friendly and such, come to find out he wanted me to pant and bark and pass gas on the phone beacuse it was his fetish. I hung up and almost puked. STAY CLASSY FURRIES.

Would you like daily submission themes?

Like a different theme everyday for a month? Like what makes you rage in the fandom? What frightens you? Or anything else? You can still submit secrets that don’t pertain to the theme, it’s just an idea to get more submissions! If you have any ideas be sure to let us know cB


Sorry for not hiding this behind a cut the first time guys :/

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To the asshole who posted the thing with the dog dick.. Go to hell. :/ Seriously. Fucking furries and dog fuckers.

People have done worse :C

I’m not condoning or dismissing it but this is open to ALL kinds of furries. Even those who are Zoophiles. ;___;

Just a suggestion

Another good way to submit anonymous secrets is for you guys to creat a formespring and the submitters to submit anonymous questions. This is one way Wtfsexsecrets gets their secrets.

That sounds like a great idea!

but we’re comfortable with tumblr’s submission system already! (You can refer to this guide for submitting anon for any tumblr)

But if you prefer to use form spring than go ahead :)

Furry Secret Female, 21

I really dislike when furrys use animal penis’s on their character.. I don’t know why, I just prefer human ones.

A burden i don’t know how to rid.

I hate to bring up the stereo-typical furry shit but i find you a problem. I hate knowing you can just label yourself as a furry and be accepted by millions of people that think your not serious about it. I know you ARE serious… I wish you would stop collecting animals and dog excrement to use on yourself.. be a person.. because i know your not a furry… if i knew how.. you’d be in jail already.. but then i don’t want to be involved with you.. i don’t want to be considered part of the problem for how long i’ve known and haven’t been able to do anything about it. Please stop or find another fandom.. Furries HATE animal abuse..

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Is there a way to allow anonymous submissions? I think that would incite more people to reveal their secrets, especially for those who have a tough time at making it into an image.

I just found this!

The first two secrets were sent to me and i just used my personal tumblr to submit haha. Sorry guys!